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Eloquence inspires trust. Elegant wording gives wings to your message. Investment in the effective and original communication of your product, event or institution is not only profitable; it ensures the creation of a lasting and professional impression of you and your organization. If you want to break through the omnipresent communication din, then let Authority handle your writing.

We strongly believe that every piece of writing should be created on its own terms and not simply punched out from boilerplate templates. This is why Authority starts every task with a thorough analysis of the specific context. We consider the style of the specific genre, the brand of the customer, the lingo and codes of the recipient, the strategies of the competitors, and the general tendencies of the cultural landscape in which the communication should resonate.

Authority has skills and experience in writing about art, culture and architecture in different contexts, as well as undertaking journalism and copywriting. We are fully prepared to handle different kinds of text such as advertising, web content, SEO texts, fundraising, press releases, newsletters, blog entries, texts for artistic projects, etc. Utilizing our knowledge of SEO, we will be able to boost your presence on the web.

At present, we mainly produce original writing in Danish. But we have the capacity and talent to carry out tasks in English and German, and are always ready for new challenges. Maybe you need to communicate your message in more than one language? We would be happy to help.


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